Dr!ft Cars is the first real driving simulation in the world, simulating a skidding vehicle with the same dynamics, performance and realism as a real one. Martin Muller is the creator of the Dr!ft Cars and all his great work team has managed to simulate not only a realistic vehicle to scale, but also brings a technological innovation, resulting in this extraordinary game that you can not escape .

Dr!ft Cars are vehicles that you will control from your smartphone (Apple / Android) through a downloadable application which can be purchased with the purchase of the vehicle. In addition to the accessible, it also highlights how practical you can test in any personal space without the need for a pre-designed race track, which makes the experience more exciting, you can try it on the office desk, on the floor , at home, at work or wherever you are; At the same time you can develop the skills of a professional driver.

You can play anywhere in the world without restrictions and also have different game modes to test your skills from a novice driver to a veteran expert, such as a runner for a professional driver. The vehicle has intelligent movement sensors that are able to read and recognize the environment to adjust to your game mode, recognizing obstacles, departure and arrival lines, among many other things. everything controlled from your phone through the application which will allow you to modify the vehicle, customize it and update it as you accumulate points in each race you do.

Dr!ft Cars is a new way to enjoy career sports and we want you to explore together with us all the new options offered by STURMKIND.

It's time you join us and become part of the story!

The best performance easy to touch by your hands

Ready to test you in any condition 

How does it work? 

Next generation technology

Maximum precision simulation 

Dr!ft completely simulates the physical laws of driving and acoustics of a real racing car. Dr!ft Cars move, accelerate, drift and maneuver with the mastery of an authentic racing car, reproducing exactly up to its sound.

Complex sensors

Dr!ft Cars are miniature robots that manage to capture the vehicle movements calculated in the simulation of races with absolute realism. You will enjoy state-of-the-art robotics, equipped with numerous sensors. In addition, Dr!ft Cars have an integrated sensor under the highly sensitive vehicle that reads the information from the road and sends it to the application. Thus, the sensor manages to recognize the starting and finishing line, barriers and much more. You are ready for a Gymcana session.

RRS technology

Thanks to its patent-pending traction concept, Dr!ft is the only miniature (scale) racing car in the world that moves with the same driving dynamics of the multi-ton racing car it represents, being able to imitate with extreme precision the most diverse driving states, including understeer and oversteer.

How I play? 

Through your smartphone (IOS / Android) you will have total control of your Dr!ft Car, from where you can compete in sports mode or Gymcana mode and from where you will also have your operations center to make all the modifications and updates that you want to do to your Drift Car, being able to realize from software updates until increasing the horsepower of your motor, doing it thus more and more powerful. 

Do I need a track to run? 

The great advantage of the Dr!ft Car is that you do not need a track to run, giving you total freedom to design your own track and put yourself to the test with yourself or with your friends anywhere in the world, at any time and in any place. If, in turn, you want a pre-designed track or you want to create your own custom track, contact us to create it and get your Dr!ft track.


Sports or Gymkhana? 


Compete in races and drift. Stay with friends, create your own tour and start! Who can find the ideal path? Who is the best driving on wet? And who driftes more spectacularly? Come to training camp and become a champion of Racing!

All the cars of the Sports edition can be complemented with the exclusive functions of the Gymcana edition. So, if you want more later, you can improve the equipment of your Sport Edition Drift Car with the exclusive functions of the Gymcana edition.


In motor sport, Gymcana equates to driving by skill and precision. Here is the total control pilot, under any circumstance and around all issues such as stacked tires, pylons or any other obstacle that is present in its own gymcana track. There are different varieties of Gymcana.

Frequently, independent figures are maneuvered in alternating order, among which are speed changes, 180 ° turns or 360 ° turns. The pilot must make as many figures as the sea. Extra points were obtained when crossing the finish line within the time limit. 


In DC we not only give you the opportunity to acquire your first Dr!ft vehicle and become part of the history, we also offer you the unique opportunity to be part of the creation of a new career sport worldwide, proves that you are the best and compete on tracks designed by us. Accumulate points to improve your Dr!ft experience, modify your vehicle to the maximum (you can improve aspects such as performance and the engine of your vehicle with the points you accumulate in each race), train until you become a real driver of Dr!ft Car and if your skills go much further, you will have the opportunity to participate in International competitions.

Do not miss this incredible opportunity!


You do not have to miss It! 

Only available for: Venezuela - Panama - United States - Mexico

DRC Multimedia 

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